Friday, November 2, 2012

Peeling off the Almond Cover

While fixing up a breakfast of homemade Usal Pav, Milk and Oats for me, my partner was also busy in peeling off almond covers. I inquired as to why she was doing that; she said the cover is what is used to make Cyanide!

As is in the case of most women I know, I knew not if this was in jest or in absolute belief, but I sure as hell knew that arguing about the nutritional/biological value or composition of an almond cover is not how I wanted to begin my weekend.

Hence, like the obedient and co-operative partner (read wimp) I am, I offered to help her in removing the cyanide off our food. However, peeling covers of an almond is no joy; something I realized in about 2 seconds. I declared I didn’t have the patience for it and gave up. I had better things to do than separating a micro layer of probable cyanide from the tastiness and healthiness inside. Besides, she was doing it anyway ;).

The one on the right is my wife :)

My wife persisted though. Peel off at least one, she said. Amongst my many obvious and not so obvious weaknesses, one is that I cannot say no to the cute in the morning, puppy-face of Himani. I relented. The peeling began. And before I knew it, I had peeled all of them and was happily feeding them to her, and vice versa.

That, like most things, got me thinking. In our daily life, there are so many things which we know are good for us. Well, the cyanide theory is still dubious, but take exercise for instance. We know it’s got to be done. We just don’t have the resolve to start or the patience to continue.

BUT, once you start, once you resolve, not a lot is unachievable! Sometimes, all you need is a push. Find that push, be it your wife, a friend, or your inner voice. Seek that, and the resolve, patience and motivation to achieve, improve and succeed will follow.